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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shower stall or bathtub

Shower stall or bathtub

There are different opinions about what is better to have in the bathroom, shower stall or bathtub, or both. This decision depends on what you prefer.

If you have a small bathroom, the shower stall is an ideal solution because you will thus use space maximally. The advantage of the shower stall is significantly less water consumption.

On the other hand, classical bathtubs are the place for luxury, relaxation and enjoyment. Relaxing in the bathtub is the best way to enjoy and forget about all problems. Your choice of bathtub is a matter of style, but also a matter of space.

Of course, the best would be to have both a bathtub and shower stall, if your real dimensions of space, needs and financial capacities allow. Since this is not often the case, you should make a choice which naturally depends on your personal habits. Contemporary lifestyle and limited space usually suggest that we should opt for shower doors.

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