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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Folding Shower Doors - Stylish Bathroom Decor

Folding Shower Doors - Stylish Bathroom Decor

The best way to enhance the look of your bathroom is by adding a stylish door to your shower cubicle. Folding shower doors hold maximum appeal when it comes to interior decor. Folding doors make space-saving more efficient. They offer a clean, compact look to your bathroom, and are very durable. They can be removed and attached when required, and make a major style-statement.

Foldable doors are manufactured in a variety of materials - aluminium, plastic, fibre-glass, foam, plexi-glass, etc. They are available in a wide range of designs and colors that you can choose from to best suit your bathroom. Foldable doors come with and without frames. The ones with frames slide along a rail like sliding doors, while the ones without frames are generally made of glass and have transparent plastic hinges that are nearly invisible.

Foldable doors are also available in smart-glass, allowing you to adjust their transparency or opacity electronically. Naturally, these are more expensive than doors made of other materials. The problem with foldable doors with frames is that the rails upon which the doors slide are prone to corrosion if not kept dry. It is near impossible to keep one particular part of a shower cubicle dry, so doors with frames are to be avoided unless of course, the bathroom is well ventilated or has an exhaust fan.

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